Trevor and the Dark Rider – book 1

My new fiction action & adventure story is finished!  It’s an e-book at

Brief Description:
Trevor, a sophomore in high school, discovers two photos of the same man (D. Walker) that were taken thirty years apart.  The strange part is that the man looks exactly the same in both!  Trevor starts asking questions about the mysterious man, and in the process attracts unwanted attention from some pretty ugly characters. His quest to uncover the truth about the shadowy figure from history leads him on the adventure of a lifetime!

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You can share it with a friend via the lending feature (enabled for this book).  Or, you can help other readers find it by recommending it to friends and family, reading groups, discussion groups, forums, or similar.

You can also review it on the site where you purchased it.  If you do write a review, please let me know via email and I’ll thank you with a personal email.

It’s aimed at ages 11-adult.  While the main characters in the story are high school students, it’s intended to resonate with readers of all ages.



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