Perspectives, Cars, Books, and Muses

Fixing family cars for the past few months has given me a different perspective on things in general.  It’s helped me to appreciate mechanics and their work.  It’s also helped me to approach problems and problem-solving from different angles than I’ve been used to with writing, publishing, and teaching.

While I’ve felt like I’ve neglected the publishing part of my life and my readers/fans, I’ve realized that (as with most things) balance is important.  Meaning – when I was pumping out a book a month, I wasn’t necessarily taking care of every other part of life that needed tending to… so, I’m making up for it now!  🙂

That’s fine – once the pendulum swings back toward the middle of the road, more books will come out of the mind and go online.  For now though, writing blog entries will perhaps satisfy the muses and readers’ requests for more content.

Let me know what you think… Marty

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