BelieveDo (ch 28) – Savor Life, One Moment at a Time

…adapted from Believe. Do. And Follow Through!

Chapter 28

Some people try to find happiness and fulfillment in jobs, experiences, or other people, instead of by simply living their lives, everyday.  Happiness and fulfillment are real and can be enjoyed, if people will let things happen that were meant to happen.

When they try to force things to happen, they cause roadblocks in their minds and obstacles in their lives.  They have to realize that all of life doesn’t happen at once – it’s a process – a lifetime.

We forget that sometimes and get all bent out of shape, because things aren’t happening as fast as we think they should.

When you sit down to eat dinner, do you open your mouth and shove all your food in at the same time?  Of course not!  You would never do that.

You can’t fit the entire plate of food in there at once, let alone enjoy it.

Life is the same way – why would you expect to be able to do everything, let alone enjoy it, all at the same time?

Just as you savor a meal
one bite at a time,
savor life
one moment at a time.

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