BelieveDo (ch 20) – Live Out Your Purpose in Life

…adapted from Believe. Do. And Follow Through!

Chapter 20

There’s an excitement in the air when you start living the life that you were meant to live.  People around you will sense it, and hopefully it will inspire them to realize that their lives count, too.

But even if some of them don’t, you still have the obligation to the universe and to humanity to fulfill your purpose in life and to achieve your full potential.

Once you see that, you can’t walk away.  You have to live out that purpose, no matter what.  Oh, you can try to walk away from it, but it’ll tear you up inside.

If you try to run away from the words that go through your head every day, it will be hell on earth.  But, when you submit to the greater purposes in your life, then all will be well.

It may seem that some things aren’t working out the way you want them to.  If that’s the case, it’s usually because you don’t see the things that are happening “behind the scenes.”

Take gardeners, for example: when they plant seeds, they typically put them in rows or in some part of their yard, on purpose.  Then at the appointed time, the seeds break forth into song and pop up out of the ground as beautiful flowers or vegetables. However, a few of the seeds don’t come up.  It’s as if they disappear from the face of the earth, but in reality, they don’t.  Birds eat some of them; a few get choked out by weeds; and others get put in bad soil, by mistake, and die.

Although you might be in bad soil right now, you are not a mistake. You were not born by accident.  You are here for a reason.  When you realize that wonderful truth, you will begin to do amazing things.  You are valuable, important, and incredible.  Allow God to work in your life, and He will show you how to unleash the greatness that He put inside you when He knit you together.

When we waltz into the days of life that allow us to easily do what we are meant to do, we are operating in the God-given talents and abilities that we are strongest in.  No matter what the world says, when we are where we are supposed to be, there is no denying that we are definitely driven by the right forces.

Time will show that determination pays off.  It gets stronger with time, allowing us to see deeper into the realms of life – moments ticking away on the clock and counting for something greater than ourselves.

Here are some questions to keep in mind, as you progress in your successes:

•    What is your life’s work?
•    What are you dedicated to?
•    What are you committed to?
•    What are you willing to do, no matter what?
•    What are you not willing to do, no matter what?
•    What are you most excited about during the day?
•    Being here?
•    Going there?
•    Working in this realm?
•    Standing where no one will see you?
•    Standing in the spotlight?
•    What are your immovable core values and beliefs?

How you answer each of those will determine where you invest your life’s energy.

Live out your purpose!