The Mind Ponders What The Soul Sees

There are times that the mind ponders what the soul sees.  It is usually in the moments of solitude that one can hear the other, thus prompting the reflection that occurs.  Feebly attempting to interfere with the flow that comes from without, other parts of our psyche try to interject themselves between the two.  Instead of succeeding, they simply appear as lost bits of life, cast away from the whole and into the darkness.  Most of what we think we don’t see during the day can easily be captured by our senses and mind,  guaranteeing that nothing will be missed.

Next Book of Poems Being Published

My next book of poems is being published!  Will be released in the next few weeks!  “Geese Will Fly” is an eclectic collection that is heartwarming, intriguing, mind-blowing, inviting, and encouraging!

ISBN-13: 978-1503249240
ISBN-10: 1503249247

More to come shortly!

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Getting Rid of a Box

One of my favorite parts of “Finding Forrester” is where Forrester is walking around the room with scotch in his hand, telling his protégé, “You write the first draft from your heart.  The second draft, you write from your head…PUNCH the keys, for God’s sake! …You’re the man, now.”  He was trying to get his young friend to write from his guts and to write like he meant it.

It’s sort of like when the cartoonist Charles Schulz was starting out.  He had a dream of drawing for the world – to entertain – to amuse – to bring smiles to people’s lives.

Do you have dreams like that?  Do you want to bring smiles to people’s lives?  To ease their pain and sufferings?

Take those ideas out of your box of unfulfilled dreams, and breathe life back into them.  Don’t let that box be an evil box or even an impatient box.  Don’t be ashamed when you look inside of it.  Instead, do something positive about it – big or small, start today.

Emptying that box is powerful, because it does a couple of things.  First, it tells you that you are important in your world.  Some people put others in front of themselves so often that their own dreams and goals get pushed aside and forgotten.  By starting to work toward your dreams again, you will rebuild your self-assurance that is vital in living each day.

Second, it helps you to focus your energy in a positive direction.  Everyone has energy.  Many people have lots of it.  Using that energy daily to achieve your goals is extremely powerful.  Your mind will feel invigorated, and your body will feel the excitement of working toward a finish line.

Your box of unfinished projects or unfulfilled dreams can actually be used as a good thing.  You can use it to catapult yourself into the next realm of abundant living.  When you are making progress, you are getting where you want to go.  And when you are getting where you want to go, your mind will relax – allowing everything to fall into place.

That box may seem like a hindrance, a nag, a bother, something negative – but it can be used for good in your life.  “Think outside the box” in this scenario, and you’ll be amazed at how well all of the pieces will fit together.

Bit by bit, your daily energy and efforts will begin to pay off.  Eventually, you will have taken out all of your unfulfilled dreams and progressed toward fulfilling them.  Then, you’ll be able to get rid of that box.

Enjoy your new-found freedom!

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[…adapted from Marty’s book An Agreement with Life]

Let the Mind Flow

The angst of holding back and not knowing whether or not you’ve done enough. To write. To produce content. To let the mind flow in ways that people would never think that it would go. To imagine where you want to be and to get there.

These are the thoughts that drive people forward, the ideas that propel them into the future with passion, belief and purpose. To drive into the wind and know that you may be knocked down if you lose your focus – or that the wind will change directions and blow the way you’re going to help propel you in your journey.

Don’t have angst anymore. Instead, believe that you will succeed. Work toward your goal, and never quit. Others may quit, but you won’t. You’ll hold fast to your dream and will come through the other side of the storm with your heart and mind intact!

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Finding Peace with the Words

There’s an endless flow of words running through my head. I write them down, but more come to fill the well that I think gets emptied. The words started coming when I was little. Since then, they’ve always been there day after day.

At times they bother me, because they won’t leave me alone until I write them down. But once I write them down, they’re out of me – so they leave me alone, and I’m at peace for a while. But, more words come. Again, I write them down and am at peace. I type and write until tired – pause to see if any more are there and then smile – because of the silence that has finally returned.

I’m grateful for the words that flow. It’s all just a bit much at times. Writing provides an outlet for the ideas that flash through my mind…a way to emit the essence of the thoughts that flow. I write down the words and share them with the world. It will be up to other people to decide what they want to do with them.

In the movie, Finding Forrester, the main character (an author) wrote the words that came to his mind every day. They flooded his brain, his heart, and his body, until they filled his entire being. In the movie, his prize-winning book was an overflowing of those thoughts – in an effort to appease the words that besieged him day in and day out.

His words continued to flow to the point that he locked himself in an apartment – away from humanity and typed day and night. The banging of the keys would cease long enough for him to read, watch a little TV, or go out on occasion. I wonder if he ever thought, “I walk the streets at nighttime to see what people have done, what they leave behind, WHAT they are. I need to walk in daytime if I want to know WHO they are.”

Likewise, are there streets that you walk in aimless wonder?

Forrester also locked himself away because he couldn’t deal with the way people treated each other. He thought he could protect himself if he could hide from the rest of the world, but that didn’t hold true. Even with years “away” from the outside world, he was still captured by the persona of a young man who was struggling to become a writer – to share his own ever-persistent thoughts about the world around him.

Why is it that words and thoughts plague some of us and leave others alone? Or is it that ALL of us are bothered by them, but some just choose to ignore them completely? Is that what happens?

Does it happen to you? Let me know.

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[…adapted from Marty’s book An Agreement with Life]


Your Agreement with Life

Each of us makes an agreement with life. We do so at different times in order to survive, excel, succeed, escape, triumph, love, and experience moments of grace. While we may each do it in slightly different ways, we each still do it.

For the first time, I’ll share another one of my secrets with you: I’ll tell you what my agreement with life is. Also, I’ll ask you some questions about your own agreement with life. Throughout this series of articles, I’ll bring up some ideas that will hopefully inspire you to reach beyond your current agreement (if you’re dissatisfied with it) or to deepen and solidify it (if you already like it).

Here’s my agreement with life:

I write the words that come to me, and then they stop bothering me.


I write them down because otherwise they would never leave me alone. It’s the only way I can find peace with the words.

And you?

So, how about you? What is your agreement with life? How have you agreed to handle the things in life that come at you? How have you agreed to pursue your goals and ambitions? You may be under the impression that you don’t have an agreement, and that’s okay. We can work with that. At some point though, you’ll realize that you live every day within a set of conditions and boundaries that you have chosen to give your life definition and depth. That’s a good thing, as long as you maximize the purposes in your heart and the strength of your mind.

Whatever your agreement is, it must propel you forward in living out your life’s goals. As long as it does that, then it will serve you well. If it doesn’t, then it’s time to make a new agreement! List out your current goals and compare that to the details that comprise your agreement. How many of them line up? Do they match?

By participating in your agreement, you are basically exchanging life, breath, and energy for some sort of return from the universe. In order for you to benefit from the universe, it has to provide you with what you are looking for. Is it doing that for you? If so, great! If not, why not? If you need to change your agreement, then do so. You’ll be glad you did!

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[…adapted from Marty’s book An Agreement with Life]

Each Day You Have A Choice

Each day, you wake up to a choice: Will you simply make it through the day and check it off the calendar; OR will you make this day the best day possible for God in your life, your family, your friends, and your coworkers?

… Today’s choice – how did it go?  Tomorrow’s choice – how will it go? Make each one the best possible – with God’s help.

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